3 Months of Favorites - Hermit Werds - Aug, Oct & Sept 2017
3 Months of Favorites

Three Months of Favorites (Aug, Sept, Oct)

Yesterday we talked about my nail art goals for the next two months. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the work that is done before we dive back into working again. I tried to split my favorites between nail art I had freehanded and nail art with tools.


August was a huge step forward. I more than doubled the amount of nail art I produced and I really started freehand painting. It’s still hard to get past my doubts and start painting sometimes, but 48% of my nail art from the month had at least some freehand painting in it. And now, in no particular order…

Jaws (NES) - Hermit Werds - shark freehand painted art from Nintendo's first Jaws game
Jaws (NES)

Airship Attacked - Hermit Werds - airship attacked by a kraken from the ocean
Airship Attacked

Shuttering of Stygian Skies - Hermit Werds - post apocalyptic sunset with elder god monster beneath
Shuttering of Styg…

Mighty Jungle, Mighty Deer - Hermit Werds - Freehand painted brocket deer in the jungle accent nail with fawn pattern
Mighty Jungle, Mighty…

Gears of Rainbow - Hermit Werds - Pastel neon gradient gears for the rainbow steampunk
Gears of Rainbow

In a Paper Boat - Hermit Werds - Origami boats drifting along a sandy shore
In a Paper Boat

2 Cwl 4 Skwl - Hermit Werds - a book full of fantasy and science fiction stories
2 Cwl 4 Skwl

The Crab Shack - Hermit Werds - A seaside crab shack and a few of the crustaceans on the menu created on a white gel base
The Crab Shack

  • 35 different manicures
  • 55 challenge prompts
  • 6 challenges with 4+ prompts
  • 24 blog posts
  • Most common overall nail art color: black
  • Second most common: blue
  • I also finished a 16 fluid oz bottle of pure acetone!


I did a lot of complaining about how I wasn’t able to enjoy my nail art long enough last year when I did theΒ  31 Day Challenge, but once I’d been through August I thought I would participate one last time. I was not only able to manage the pace, I participated in a few other challenges as well. However, since most of the prompts don’t excite me, I’m probably going to skip it from now on and hopefully do Inktober instead.

Dragon Quilt - Hermit Werds - a quilt pattern with holographic polishes and eastern dragons
Dragon Quilt

Blind Men and a Kirin - Hermit Werds - collaged kirin anatomy: antler, chest, back, tail, and leg
Blind Men and a Kirin

Tight Laced - Hermit Werds - steampunk corset with jeweled front panel and pocket watch
Tight Laced

Rainbow Nature - Green - Hermit Werds - bonsai tree freehanded in all green
Rainbow Nature – Green

KARA's "Step" - Hermit Werds - nail art based off of KARA's crazy colorful outfits in the music video Step
KARA’s “Step”

Cat Memories - Hermit Werds - black kitty against an orange smoosh marble
Cat Memories

Church of the Transient Butterfly - Hermit Werds - stained glass windows with a butterfly in the center
Church of the Transient…

Polka Dot Party - Hermit Werds - water decals in pink and blue featuring stripes, flowers, and polka dots
Polka Dot Party



  • 36 different manicures
  • 62 challenge prompts
  • 4 challenges with 4+ prompts
  • 33 blog posts
  • Most common overall nail art color: blue
  • Second most common: red
  • 50% of my nail art had some freehand


I took a step back from nail art and did A Great Clothing De-stash of my wardrobe. I still have more than I need, but I’m slowly carving away at the rest. Despite the horrendous amounts of dust destroying me through my allergies, I still managed to paint twenty different designs on my nails. With fewer nail art to pick from, I decided to only pick four favorites this month, but I posted all my Halloween nail art from last year on Instagram, so I looked more prolific there. You can’t see it, but I just flexed my muscles. πŸ˜‰


Black Cat - Hermit Werds - black nail art spelling out cat with a black cat
Black Cat

Creatures of the Night - Hermit Werds - vampires drinking blood coffee and staying up all the hours of the night
Creatures of the Night

Baby Trees - Hermit Werds - spooky red forest with babies hanging from trees
Baby Trees

Roald Dahl's The Witches - Hermit Werds - witch looming over tiny mouse that was once a boy
Roald Dahl’s The Witches



  • 20 different manicures
  • 24 challenge prompts
  • 15 blog posts
  • Most common overall nail art color: red
  • Second most common: purple
  • Only 20% of my nail art had some freehand. Booo!


Phew! That was a long post. I should probably not combine three months of favorites again. Or maybe I should? I mean…at first I felt guilty, but now I’m kinda liking it. Oh, all the things I think I should do but don’t and feel so guilty that I didn’t that I don’t question the validity of the thing I thought I should do!

This is why procrastination is sometimes profitable. πŸ™‚


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  1. For a self proclaimed procrastinator, you certainly got loads accomplished!!!! Personally I think you publish enough to do monthly favorite posts, but that’s only if you WANT to do them that often. I’m so glad I came to your blog to check this out (it was a little hard to follow on my phone – it hates tables LOL). In my fight with allergies (garage sale/clean out in September) and Fall sinusitis and so many other life foils, I have missed so many nail arts of yours lately — I’m off to bookmark this page for further viewing!! πŸ˜‰

    • hehehe Oh, I probably will continue to publish enough nail art in a month to do monthly favorites, but I’d never write it up as gracefully as you would, Kim. 2-3 months at a time means there are way too many things for me to have to talk about why I picked each one. As I was writing this post I started to say I’d post monthly favorites and then I stopped and realized for the first time that not wanting to spend time talking about why I picked what I did is probably why I procrastinated on the favorites posts until they didn’t happen.

      I mean, I’ve already talked about the nail art in the post in which it appeared. Anything more I’d have to say sums down to ‘I like this one because I think it makes me look good.’ Saying that probably doesn’t make me look good. LOL I guess I could phrase that as it shows my biases since I’m sure opinions differ on what my best work is. For me, it’s time for the next thing once I’ve posted the work. Why am I talking about old work for two hours when I could use that time to paint something new? Or I could talk about favorite polishes and stamping plates instead because that is a conversation that I think would be more useful for my readers and is something I cover less in the posts about the nail art. Or I could do a critique on why I think some things work and others don’t with my old nail art used as an example.

      And I’m sorry about the tables. I shouldn’t be using them when I know there are better ways. Thank you for gently calling me on it. I will do better by my mobile readers asap. I’m sorry allergies and life have been kicking your butt. Don’t spend so much time catching up on everyone else that you postpone things for your own platform. I love reading everything you write. πŸ™‚

      • You’re too kind in your compliments — but I’m so gonna accept them! LOL And, your last two sentences really, really made my day!! I’m going to definitely take them to heart. I really appreciate it!!!! I needed to hear it. XO XO

        I can totally relate to wanting to publish a round-up type post (favorites), but questioning whether you have anything new to say. While I just started tinkering with this kind of post recently, I have found that most of the worry is unfounded. I think people like favorites posts for lots of reasons, but mostly because they want to know what YOU think. I really like your idea to include favorite polishes/plates, but I wouldn’t discount writing a bit about your nail art designs too — even if you said it before, we may not have remembered it. πŸ˜‰ And you’re giving us the chance to re-visit the art with links too. πŸ˜‰ Keep up the great work!!!

        • Ack! Sorry I took so long to respond. The danger of having things scheduled out and done ahead of time is that I forget to check for comments. o.O

          I’m so glad I could make your day since you make mine so often. The amount of time and care you lavish on your blog posts always leaves me in awe.

          It’s true that people like favorites posts for a reason and perhaps I am just being lazy. We’ll see. I may change my mind about taking the time to write them up. I do plan on starting to look at common trends in old nail art and put together posts of my favorite food manis, etc. I think I would spend time talking about the nail art more in those. Thanks so much, Kim. It’s so good to have someone to bounce ideas off of. πŸ™‚

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