Brown Stamping Polish Comparison
Brown Stamping Polish Comparison

Dark brown stamping polish comparison

It’s time to compare those browns! For reference, colors are described as warm or cool depending on if they are yellow-leaning (warm) or blue-leaning (cool) or in the case of these browns orange and purple.

Also, I apologize for the lint. I am lint woman and I can only be what I am.

I am including links where you can buy the polishes. These are non-sponsored links that are only there for your convenience.

Dark brown stamping polish comparison from HermitWerds. Includes bottle shots, fully painted nails, and stamping over half white and black swatch sticks.
Dark brown stamping polish comparison

Born Pretty’s “Orange Autumn”

Adorable skiing Santa nail art with an orange holographic color scheme and snow flake stamps.
Santa’s Ski-cation

I tried to arrange my colors from warmest browns to the coolest. So we start with an old press sample Born Pretty’s “Orange Autumn“. The polish stamps well and is quite opaque, but it could easily be called a dark orange or red instead of a brown.

If you’d prefer a color that is just that tiniest bit more red, Born Pretty’s “Sunrise” (also an old press sample), is the polish for you.

Buy @ Born Pretty store on Aliexpress

KADS’ “13 Brown”

A rich green mani with two accent nails. The first has a brown jelly base and many small avocado decals and the second is a closeup of an avocado with the pit showing.
Avocado My Heart

Following that, my personal winner (because I look better in warm colors) is KADS’ “13 brown“. It is the darkest of the five and stamps well and opaquely. You can also see that it leans red as well, but is not so reddish that you could mistake it for a dark red.

Buy @ KADS store on Aliexpress

UR Sugar’s “Coffee”

Year of the Pig nail art with pig stamping in all of the pig's lucky colors: brown, grey, and yellow.
Lucky Pig

Next we have the most disappointing brown: UR Sugar’s “Coffee“. It’s the lightest brown of the three and almost has a watery consistency considering it’s a stamping polish. It is not as opaque as the others. You can actually see how poorly it stamps in my image to the right.

Buy @ UR Sugar store on Aliexpress

Maniology’s “Cocoa”

Nail art with Christmas imagery: Santa, Christmas tree, and Santa's sleigh taking off in a shower of stars on a light tan flakie-filled base.
Christmas ClichΓ©s in Neutrals

I’ll admit I bought this next brown because I wanted to have five to compare since I already had my favorite brown at the time. Maniology describes “Cocoa” as a hot chocolate brown. This amuses me because you can see that it’s actually a slightly cool brown. It works well and is opaque. If I’d bought this before the KADS, I probably would have considered my quest over.

Buy @ Maniology

Maniology’s “Boba”

A champagne to rose to purple thermal polish combined with stamping decals of mugs, tea pots, and Alice falling endlessly.
International Tea Day

The last brown polish came in April’s Mani x Me box. It is Maniology’s “Boba” and it is the coolest brown in the lot. Maniology accurately describes it as having a slight purple hue. I likely wouldn’t have gotten this brown if it hadn’t been in the box, but the formula is good and it’s opaque. It is merely my preference for warm colors that would have made me pass on it.

Buy @ Maniology

And now I’ve got to figure out how to best use “Boba” so I have nice example for it too. [Edit 12/15/2020: mission accomplished!] Until next time, friends. I hope this helped you pick your brown poison if you’re on the lookout for a dark brown stamping polish! πŸ‘‹

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