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Bead Animals Bar - Hermit Werds - tiny thumbnails of a fox, spiders, dolphin, whales, bunny, rooster, octopus, crab, killer whale, and duck

Hello, friend!

This site has switched from art gallery to blog and crafting to nail art (with a smidge of crafting). While the original page you sought is gone; the original site owner is still here. Hi! My previous survey established that you were coming here in search of patterns/instructions. When it comes to the old pins you followed to get here, I am working on blog posts detailing where the pattern was from.

Previous plans to Get Stuff Done were stomped on by life. My intentions are still good! 😅 Please be patient with me and sign up for my mailing list if you don’t want to keep checking here for updates.

Lisa @hermitwerds
April 27, 2022

Lisa's Bead Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

4/5/2019: Third summary blog post of Bird Bead Animals. See old photos, find out where the patterns come from. Includes information on the tools I use to make my critters.

Bead Pig - Hermit Werds - seed bead pig made by Lisa @HermitWerds following Marilyne Kéréneur's pattern

2/21/2018: Second summary blog post of Misc. Mammal Bead Animals. See old photos, find out where the patterns come from. And Happy Year of the Pig!

Bead Dolphin - Hermit Werds - seed bead dolphin following Marilyne Kéréneur's pattern and adding in my own details

9/22/2018: First summary blog post of Ocean/Water bead animals. See old photos, find out where the patterns came from. Includes the pattern for my variation on Marilyne’s dolphin.

Bead Snails - Hermit Werds - Bead snails as we slowly progress towards integrating the old site with the new blog.