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Bead Animals Bar - Hermit Werds - tiny thumbnails of a fox, spiders, dolphin, whales, bunny, rooster, octopus, crab, killer whale, and duck

Hello, friend!

This site has switched from art gallery to blog and crafting to nail art (with a side of crafting). While the original page you sought is gone; the original site owner is still here. Hi! My previous survey established that you were coming here in search of patterns/instructions. When it comes to the old pins you followed to get here, I am working on blog posts detailing where the pattern was from.

But! It would be fun to make bead patterns again. Plus my originals (like the bunny) don’t have instructions yet. So let me know what kind of patterns you want to see!

Previous plans to Get Stuff Done were stomped on by life. I have to repair my phone’s camera lens before I can start posting again. Please be patient with me and stay up-to-date with my mailing list so you don’t have to keep checking here.

Lisa @hermitwerds
August 18, 2019

Lisa's Bead Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Lisa’s Bead Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

4/5/2019: Third summary blog post of Bird Bead Animals. See old photos, find out where the patterns come from. Includes information on the tools I use to make my critters.

Bead Pig - Hermit Werds - seed bead pig made by Lisa @HermitWerds following Marilyne Kéréneur's pattern
Bead Pig

2/21/2018: Second summary blog post of Misc. Mammal Bead Animals. See old photos, find out where the patterns come from. And Happy Year of the Pig!

Bead Dolphin - Hermit Werds - seed bead dolphin following Marilyne Kéréneur's pattern and adding in my own details
Bead Dolphin

9/22/2018: First summary blog post of Ocean/Water bead animals. See old photos, find out where the patterns came from. Includes the pattern for my variation on Marilyne’s dolphin.

Bead Snails - Hermit Werds - Bead snails as we slowly progress towards integrating the old site with the new blog.
Bead Snails