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Hopefully a blog will be taking up this space entirely and I will no longer be using lj to blab. ...not that I'm really using lj right now.

June 24, 2012:

Finally finished converting the site over to code that is more HTLM5 compliant. The writing section is "gone". Currently the pages are still there if you have the URL, but I will probably be getting rid of even that very soon. The link section has also bit it except for the online comics links which have been moved into the info section.

Favorite thing I did? Removed the toilet graphic on the pages where the art itself displays. I figured I wouldn't need a sub-menu on those pages anyway and then I could make some of the images larger. It's all about the function. :)

January 9, 2011:

It has been a very productive week for me. I started by making several of the things I've been wanting to for a while and yesterday I did the bulk of the work for updating this website with 30 new pieces of art.

If you were hoping for more bead critters, I apologize. I have made new ones, but I have not taken proper photos yet. This is strictly work from my classes at college.

In addition, I linked to a new comic. I'm rather proud of that banner. Been meaning to make it for a while. Annnd...Ichangedthewaymyartgalleriesareorganized. *guilt* The categories are now craft, jewelry and metalwork, cg, and traditional. Why? Because I was tired of having a misc category and trying to figure out where the next bead thing fit in.

Well, the goal today is to at least take the photos of all the other art I've made. Wish me luck!

October 2, 2010:

It looks like I have been extremely neglectful of my web site. And I have. Oh, how I have. But I have been doing little niggling things in the background like fixing the history section so only the page talking about the latest layout doesn't work and keeping my links up to date as well as adding a few new ones. (I even finished making prettier banners for those sites that didn't have one!) Really, I have more artwork I could upload and blather on about. It is much more fun to make it though, isn't it? And the evil thing about college is that they hand you new toys and get you interested in things and once you're out of the class you don't have time to keep playing. Who would have thought I'd enjoy doing texture studies?

Ah, well, for now I confuse you all with my priorities by saying that today I updated the fairy tale novel list with around 25 more books I have discovered. Some of these sound so interesting I wish I didn't have to sleep so I could read them. :'(

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