Olive green nail with creepy pattern.
Dark pattern

One Nail: Evil Bun-bun

This is going to be a criminally short post, but I think that’s fair since I only painted one nail. I love the concept of @one_nail_creativity_club because in my brain I think that this means I will be able to knock out a challenge prompt quickly. And Dark Halloween is both direct and very open since you can just interpret it as using dark colors.

However, all the test samples I’ve done for reviews have shown me that when I only have one nail to paint, I try to go all out even more. So it doesn’t save me any time since I often only do one or two fancy nails and the dry times of the decals or whatever are covered by painting the other nails with simple stuff.

So, yeah. I can be bad about the one nail thing, but today I somewhat managed to keep it simple with just two stamps: a background stamp…

Olive green nail with creepy pattern.
Dark pattern

And then I added a kind of pirate bunny thing. He looks like he’s up to no good, but maybe that’s just his face.

Olive green nail with creepy pattern and ocre pirate rabbit.
Evil Bun-bun

One tries not to judge. Perhaps he bit into a lemon. LOL

Products used

Base Polish:
Sally Hansen’s Ever Green
Stamping Polishes:
Mundo de Unas’ “Black” and “Ocre
Stamping Plate:
QA35 (rabbit) and Major Dijit 29 (background)

That’s all I have for you today besides the collage. Lots of beautiful nail art there. You can check them out at #ONCC, although the tag is used for other things besides the group nail art…

@one_nail_creativity_challenge collage Oct 2019 prompt: dark Halloween
Dark Halloween collage

More tomorrow because Halloween! 😉

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