Black Bird/Black Dog - Hermit Werds - two black jelly nail art spelling out "bird" and "dog" with black birds and a dog
Black Bird/Black Dog

Black Bird/Black Dog

Sometimes you create a theme that is just easy and fun to revisit. I stumbled across one in October last year with Black Cat. The idea is simple: 3-4 letter animal word, black jelly base, my favorite netting texture from KADS KADS 017, typewriter key letters, and black stamping images of the animal. I ended up revisiting it again quickly with “dog”, but I never got around to posting it. I had messed up on the dog image so its outline was obscured and it just became easier to never have a reason to show it.

Well, #GlamNailsChallengeJune had a Bird prompt this month and that fit the 3-4 letter rule of this nail art formula so I decided to revisit it and also to re-create the dog mani so I could post it too. Also, it feels like a sneaky reference to Elvis’ “Hound Dog” errr I mean The Everly Brothers’ “Bird Dog” song.

So classic! 😀

Black Bird - Hermit Werds - black jelly nail art spelling out "bird" with black birds in flight
Black Bird

I decided to get silly about how I was going to post all three designs together. At first I wanted to have the obvious text all spelled correctly and the background text be all common misspellings of words, but it’s Instagram and you’re lucky if people even read your description. I decided I couldn’t be that subtle if I wanted more people to be in on the joke.

Want to know what else is funny? I spaced it and put the ‘r’ where the ‘d’ should be. There was no getting that decal back off the nail and I didn’t want to repaint it so I just stuck the ‘d’ on top and made another ‘r’ decal. It’s a secret misspelling right in front of you! 😀

Black Animals - Hermit Werds - black jelly nail art spelling out "cat", "dog", and "bird" with stamping images of each animal
Black Animals

Check out that puppy. I think this is my fourth dog mani as opposed to seventeen cats. Yeah, I play favorites. In fact, two of those dog manis also have cats in them. LOL

Black Dog - Hermit Werds - black jelly nail art spelling out dog with a black dog and paw print
Black Dog

I really love this theme. It’s so simple and yet so elegant (and just a little bit steampunk as well). It also means I’m getting sooo much use out of that Moyou London typography plate. I may have to create a special tag for it if I revisit it again. I mean, I still have “fish”, “rat”, “owl”, “frog”… 😉

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