Eye of the (Domesticated) Tiger - Hermit Werds - metallic oranges and pinks stamped over with the black stripes of a cat
Eye of the (Domesticated) Tiger

Eye of the (Domesticated) Tiger

I just can’t do enough cat nail art, obviously. The hard part of this mani was settling on which metallic polish colors I wanted to use because I’d always planned on using a bunch and then having black as my one color. It’s not cheating if you were plotting it the whole time! Also, I was too lazy to do a proper smoosh marble so I painted each nail with a different color and slopped the other two polishes on with a paint brush. It worked pretty decently without the latex and I had minimum cleanup work to do. Win. But I don’t think you could get away with this in place of a smoosh marble if your decal covered less nail. Lucky for me, cat faces are pretty distracting.

They are watching and you do not fill their food bowls enough.

Eye of the (Domesticated) Tiger - Hermit Werds - metallic oranges and pinks stamped over with the black stripes of a cat
Eye of the (Domesticated) Tiger

#26GreatNailArtIdeas – Metallic + one color
#NailArtChallengeJan – Cats

I have to say I am normally a big fan of Born Pretty’s stamping plates. I own a lot of them. A lot. But this square plate has only six images on it and three of them are domestic cat faces and there is not enough difference between them for them to work well together. I used all three and it just looks like I screwed up their faces somehow. I think they needed to vary the size more and maybe swap out one cat face for a dog. The stamping plate world really seems to favor cats and–while it’s totally true that cats are superior–that’s no reason to neglect dog lovers. Especially since dogs vary more in size and shape. I would love to be able to buy my sister a dog stamping plate that did not have any small dogs on it. She would never use those images and there is a big difference between people who like big/medium dogs and people who want small dogs. And, yes, people exist who love both, but they can just buy both plates. So I call for more segregation on dog stamping plates. And more dog stamping plates in general. See? It’s not all about me. Sometimes it’s about what I demand on behalf of others without consulting them.

That came out arrogant.


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