Lacey Pink - Hermit Werds - pond manicure with pink polish and lace stamping
Lacey Pink

Lacey Pink

I decided it was time to use my last untried Zoya polish. So when #clairestelle8challenge came up with a lace prompt, I said “Let’s see how this works with a pond mani.” I think it worked well. I slathered on a layer of “Paloma”, stamped the netting pattern, more jelly, fun swirls stamping, and more jelly again. I like it, but maybe I should have used a netting pattern with a thicker line and smaller swirl patterns and left the pinkie just netting. Dunno. Will just have to revisit this idea again sometime. Although, I think if I do a jelly/lace manicure again I want to try having a solid layer of lace first and then use glitter placement for my second layer of not-jelly. I think that could look really cool.

Lacey Pink - Hermit Werds - pond manicure with pink polish and lace stamping
Lacey Pink
  • Pond Polish:
    Zoya’s “Paloma”
  • Stamping Polish:
    Mundo de Unas’ “White”
  • Stamping Plates:
    A48 (decorative floral), KADS 017 (netting), Major Dijit 08 (middle finger decorative floral)

So pink. That’s three months in a row that I painted utterly pink nails. Which do you prefer? This lace look or…

Pink Villainy - Hermit Werds - Mean Girls inspired nail art
Pink Villainy

Lady of the Bees - Hermit Werds - pink holographic nails with a lady bee gathering nectar from flowers
Lady of the Bees


Let me know in the comments. We’ll talk again soon! 🙂

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  1. The lace is really pretty, and I’m surprising myself to say it is my top pick. But I really love the colors and the glitter on your flowery nails.

    • Thank you! I think I have to agree about the lace being the best. It has the cleanest design. I need to stop using Kleancolor’s metallics to stamp thin lines. It looks fine until you top coat and then it gets grainy and muddles everything. Very annoying.

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