#origamidaily2007 - Frogs
#origamidaily2007 - Frogs

#origamidaily2007 – July

I was looking forward to folding the frogs, but I didn’t think I would enjoy this month as much as I did. The fish were a lot of fun and I learned how to swivel pleat (see the fan tail fish’s instructions). The origami I was a little worried about ended up being simple and super fun. I really only had one origami that I ended up not liking. Can you guess which one it is from the picture below?

#origamidaily2007 - Hermit Werds - Frog, Goldfish, Trout, Large Mouth Bass, Fan Tail Fish, Sea Horse
#origamidaily2007 – Frog, Goldfish, Trout, Large Mouth Bass, Fan Tail Fish, Sea Horse

And now for a review of the diagrams:

Frog – this is the only one that sucked. The legs of the frog came out way too spindly. Even if I had folded it again or folded it with thinner paper, the legs would still have been too short
Spring Frog – I was worried this would be hard. It wasn’t. Awesome frog and it really does shoot out fairly decently
American Jumping Frog – this is a classic origami that I remember folding in elementary school. Still a lot of fun, but like the jumping spider from June it often tends to just flip over
Goldfish – I was kinda meh about this pattern. It’s really one of the Japanese helmets folded in half with the fin cut out. But it’s really cute and would make an adorable fishy mosaic. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would
Trout – a little too plain when all is said and done. I prefer the bass. Also, the instructions weren’t drawn correctly. Step 2 & 3 should not be perfect triangles.
Large Mouth Bass – only slightly more complicated than the trout with twice the looks. Ignore its claim that it starts with a fish base, it’s totally a diamond base
Fan Tail Fish – my sucky folding caused it to tear at the edges, but if I had been more precise this would have been even more awesome. Swivel pleating is just neat
Sea Horse – rather forgiving on the proportions, fortunately. It would have worked better with a thin paper as far as folding the tail goes. Easily the prettiest of the month (but the frogs are more fun)

#origamidaily2007 - July - Hermit Werds - Instructions
#origamidaily2007 – July

Next month we have a few more water animals before we start folding things from the land. I’m looking forward to it. But the really great month will be October. Because it has a cat. ^.^

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  1. That spring frog is so adorable! I need to show my DS how to do some of these- he loves the very little origami that we have done together and he would be so excited. Maybe we will try the spring frog- it looks like a lot of fun!

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