#TransIsBeautiful #TransIsStrong - Hermit Werds - support the transgender community
#TransIsBeautiful #TransIsStrong

#TransIsBeautiful #TransIsStrong

@chelseasnailstory and @ilze_nailed_it organized a show of support from the Instagram nail art community for the trans community. I heard about it the day the image for the collage was due and hurried but I missed being included in it by a few hours. The show of support is much more important than being in a collage. It’s on my instagram feed and now it’s here and in a few minutes I’ll have announced this blog post on my twitter so I think my stance on this is fairly clear. πŸ™‚ Here is what I wrote when I posted my manicure:

Supporting the transgender community is definitely a movement worth getting behind. I can only hope that you are hearing more messages of support and love than you are of hate. So I add my voice to the side of love. And I’m going to stop talking now before I start making geek culture references. 😜

You don’t deserve what’s happening. Things will get better.

I just hope things get better sooner rather than later. πŸ™

#TransIsBeautiful #TransIsStrong - Hermit Werds - support the transgender community
#TransIsBeautiful #TransIsStrong

I freehand painted the transgender symbol. First time I really watered down the acrylic paint like @robinmosesnailart tells you to. Combined with proper paint brushes (instead of those crappy nail art sets where you only use a few of the brushes and the quality is low) it was 100% better than any previous freehanding experience. I am going to try and do more freehand manicures in the future. However, I have also purchased so many stamping plates recently that I am thinking I am going to have to work really hard to actually use everything properly. Ah, materialism hurts so good!

Seriously. I have to get more efficient at this stuff.

Edit: You know what I love? This is my last post for July. So anyone that looks at this month is going to see this post first.

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