Eternal Hobbies - Hermit Werds - #clairestelle8june (hobbies)
Eternal Hobbies

Eternal Hobbies (kitties!)

So the second prompt of the month for #clairestelle8june is your job/hobby. Job was possible but obnoxious to nail art so I went with hobby. There are three hobbies that I have been listing out to people for most of my life: sleep, kitties, and reading. “Kitties” usually makes me interesting friends when people assume things (I regret nothing), but if you’ve been a reader for long or followed my Instagram you’d know that two birds with one stone is always agreeable with me. Provided I feel like both birds deserve to be murdered.

Anyway, three (four?) birds with one stone! I have managed to combine all three things into one mani and knocked out a color combo I’ve been wanting to do for a while (orange and dusty blue). I also got lucky in that I bought one Moyou London literature stamping plate and it had a quote that mentioned sleep. Luck-y! Except I am still so behind on nail art… I think I’m going to have to paint my right hand tomorrow because I don’t want to take these off. That sucks because my right hand does not like posing for anything. I’m also amused because when I bought my last group of Colores de Carol polishes, I wasn’t sure if I should buy “Aria” since I’m not big on oranges. I’ve used it before this mani but “Ava”–which I adore–still hasn’t been used. Maybe I will slather it on my right hand tomorrow! Ah, I can only hope.

Eternal Hobbies - Hermit Werds - #clairestelle8june (hobbies)
Eternal Hobbies

Items being used for the first time are in italics.

Matte top coats can really make the mani. In this case, I’m very glad I decided to toss it on in case it improved things. So pretty!

Eternal Hobbies - Hermit Werds - #clairestelle8june (hobbies)
Eternal Hobbies
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  1. Awww, those kitties are so cute! I’m a cat person, too- always have been. My favorite is that little kitty wrapped up in the kitty burrito! So sweet! Loving that orange polish, too- it’s really beautiful!

    • Hee hee Thanks! I think it’s supposed to be a blanket, but I thought “kitty burrito!” when I saw it for the first time too. Reminds me of my favorite part of kitty bath-time: the wrapped up in a towel in my arms portion! Ah, if only my cat felt the same way…

      I never thought I’d love an orange that much, but I keep coming back to this one.

      • Lol I figured it was a towel (or blanket); kitty burritos was just what we always called it at the pet store when we would wrap them up in towels after baths, or to get medicine, etc- kind of like what you were saying! They are so precious all snuggled up that way. 🙂

        • All kitties should be helpless in burritos always. Hmmmm Now I kinda want to get the nail plate with the kitty head ice cream cones and the Creative Shop kitty banana plate and just go full on kitties as food.

          When did you work in a pet store?

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