Santa is a Tool of the Establishment - Hermit Werds
Santa is a Tool of the Establishment

Santa is a Tool of the Establishment

You may not be aware of it yet, but I am a jerk. So instead of doing a normal Christmas theme, I chose to spend hours on this instead because it amused me. It all started with the jack-in-the-box Santa. I knew I had to do something terrible with it. It took a lot of hunting through my nail plate collection to find images to match which is why I ended up using 8 different plates. Worth it. Even when the image of the Santa ended up being so poorly etched that it took multiple tries to get it to work. And then…I dropped one of the decals into the trash on accident and had to re-do it. Who needs sleep, right?

I upped my challenge by limiting myself to one brand of nail polish: Sinful Colors. fyi, I do not recommend the gold (Sin-ammon) for nail stamping if you need a fully opaque gold. I was careful to use it only where its opacity would not be an issue.

Santa is a Tool of the Establishment - Hermit Werds
Santa is a Tool of the Establishment

I was really unhappy with the plain background colors on Christmas Preparations even though the colors were so pretty. I made a real effort this time to not have decals that looked like they were floating on a background color. I may have wandered too far the other way and made this too busy, but I had fun so, whatever. Also, I will now be creepily whispering “Open your mind” to my husband for the next couple of weeks. It really is such a gift for him to live with me. I’m not sure how he keeps from being overwhelmed by the honor.

In honor of fighting the Establishment, one of my favorite music videos:

The Lonely Island – Threw It on the Ground

Merry Christmas and may the greed fairies bless you with many coveted things!

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