I Love Bugs - Hermit Werds
I Love Bugs

I 💕 Bugs

I think bugs are cute, so I’m a sucker for nail plates that have them. And Harunouta’s L018 plate had some cute ones. I decided to skip the butterfly since you see them everywhere and the flying bug was too cheesy for me so that left only three. I filled in the rest with plant life and mushrooms. I’d originally wanted to use leaf veins as a kind of background to the bugs, but I couldn’t figure out which plate it was on. I just now realized it was the Ejiubas Nature set I was thinking of. D’oh. Well, they have bugs on them too so I’m sure I’ll revisit this theme again.

And again, and again, and again…

I Love Bugs - Hermit Werds
I Love Bugs

For this nail art’s color scheme I chose the adjacent colors green, yellow, and orange, which neatly kept me out of ladybug territory. I was really excited to use my recently purchased Colores de Carol polish as the background and it is a lovely, lovely color. But. Its holographic nature mostly got drowned out under all my layers of topcoat. It shows up much more on my swatching stick so a note for future me: keep it light if you want more rainbows.

Confession here: I didn’t have any black stamping on my pinkie finger until right before I took the photo. I was too lazy to fix it for three days, but I just couldn’t take how insipid it looked when all the other nails had black stamping on them so I fixed it. Possibly offsetting it when the others are decals was a bad call. Eh. I’m going to go paint my nails something completely different tonight anyway. 🙂

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  1. Those bugs are super cute! I love the bright spring colors!
    I know the struggle of mixing stamping images. What’s most frustrating to me is when I want to pair a stamp that has an outline with a solid stamp. x_x

    • Thanks! I’m ready for spring now, I guess. 🙂
      And, yes! I struggled with that so much for the black and white Valentines challenge. I’m not even going to do another heart-related one for the actual Valentines day after that!

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