Blue Floral - 26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Hermit Werds
Blue Floral

Blue Floral

I had three different blue floral water decals and I really wanted to use one of them for this challenge (a picture of all three is at the bottom of this post). The first one is my favorite, but I wanted to do more with it than just stick it on my nails so I went with the second one. Its print was a little bit grainy, but I liked how the flowers faded to a lighter blue on the ends. Now my nails are too wide to get full coverage with this kind of water decal and normally the decals themselves are five separate pictures sized for each nail. Luckily this particular design actually overlapped in one continuous image so I decided to chop it up into four pieces and do a pond manicure on my pointer finger.

I’d been debating painting my nails white first since a white background would help the colors look brighter, but I was also feeling lazy. I stuck my smallest decal in the water to see if it had a full-color background. Nope! Transparent decals ended that debate pretty quick and my little decal just floated in the water until everything was painted. I suspect that was a bad idea because that nail (not pictured) became even more grainy and broke up a lot when I applied top coat. I’m not certain that it happened because I let it soak in the water too long but that could be the reason. Hmmm… I have more of these things than I will ever use. I could use up my least favorite and experiment with them more… Anyway, matte top coat and I was done.

Blue Floral - 26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Hermit Werds
Blue Floral

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My top three choices in blue floral decals:

Blue Floral Water Decals - 26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Hermit Werds
Blue Floral Water Decals

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    • Yeah. I’d like to know what I need to do for the best results so I can just doooo it. And I have so many water decals now because I like buying things too much. πŸ˜‰

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