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Hermit Werd's Third Blogiversity

Happy Third Year Blogiversary (to me)

I tend to skip over big moments like numbers of followers or posts and especially year end posts. I’m just not that into summaries, even though they can be a great way to revisit older posts, because I can always think about something else to write about and then the post neeever ends.

Still. Today marks three years of running this blog and I think that’s something worth writing about. Especially since I’ve been posting less often lately. I’ve been expanding more towards non-nail art things. It’s something I’ve been itching to do for a while, but the amount of nail art I kept putting out made it hard to find time for other projects. My brain solved the dilemma of “but you’re supposed to be focused so you can build an audience” by short circuiting my desire to paint my nails and I’ve been free to start exploring the everything else that fascinates me. That list includes…

Hats in Waiting - Hermit Werds
Hats in Waiting
  • I found the instructions for the three hats I posted about ages ago. Maaaybe I should finish them? 😅
  • Unicorn crafts (thank the stepchild + Junicorn)
  • Pride month crafts
  • Crafting in general
    (remember that egg carton jelly fish?)
  • Baking homemade breaaaad.
  • Automata…starting with paper and then conquering the world!
  • Pixel art for Habitica (volunteer)
  • More bead animals, including more child-friendly ones
  • Doll/My Little Pony clothes and accessories
  • Sewing/modifying things for myself…though I’m not sure how much I will post about that.😬

So now I just need to start properly blogging about all these things!

Projects that came before…

Image bar depicting projects listed in the section: origami, bead dolphin and rooster, bead spider, zentangle,, and various nail art.

While I have lot of individual posts (especially following nail art challenges), longer projects popped up throughout the blog’s life as well. All of these are completed unless otherwise noted…

There might be more book reviews in the future, but probably not another big project like the Zentangle book whose final post is just glowering at me from its dusty corner.

10 nail art features

Picture time! I thought I’d share some nail art I’ve loved over the years. Note I didn’t say “favorite” because that would be like having something other than rainbow as my favorite color. (Impossible.) Oldest to newest…

J is for Jackalope - ABC Nail Art Challenge - Hermit Werds
J is for Jackalope
New Year, New You - 26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Hermit Werds
New Year, New You
Coffee Cats - Hermit Werds - watercolor nail art of little cats in coffee mugs and a rodent sipping a cup of coffee
Coffee Cats
Juicy Watermelon - Hermit Werds - watermelon nail art with two french tips and a watermelon bikini
Juicy Watermelon
Snail Garden - Hermit Werds - lovely spring garden snail in autumn colors with a rich purple texture polish
Snail Garden
Wrath of the Dragon - Hermit Werds - purple nail art with the Maleficent dragon from Sleeping Beauty surrounded by blue glow in the dark flames.
Wrath of the Dragon
The Graveminder - Hermit Werds - salmon pink and teal nail art of a graveyard with a reaper attendant and zombies lurching in the background
The Graveminder
Busy Bees 2.0 - Hermit Werds - pink and green nail art featuring bee and pink cone flower stamping decals
Busy Bees 2.0
Christmas Carolers - Hermit Werds - nail art of a pig, a pug (dog), two cats, and a sheep singing Christmas carols against a shimmery background in purple to orange to raspberry tones
Christmas Carolers
Watercolor Cactus - Hermit Werds - nail stamped cactus arrangement colored with watercolor paints
Watercolor Cactus

Where do my nails go from here?

Nail art will keep happening. I currently have a few breaks so it might be just false nails for a few weeks. I have products to review that really need to not be put off any longer and I am excited about the designs I have drawn up for them.

However. Since today is my blogiversary, I will probably cap it with the non-nail art project I am most excited about: a paper automaton. Now I just have to pick which one to try. 😱

Until next time, friends! Thanks for sticking with me so long! 😘

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