Monsters' Ball - Hermit Werds - happy orange monsters dancing the night away
Monsters' Ball

Monsters’ Ball

The ghouls are out and dancing! I had two stamping plates with cute monsters from the SP line so I decided to double stamp randomly from them for this nail art. I did this on my cindy hand with its nails filed down really far because I was tired of one of my nails breaking. (Plus, easier for modeling false nails.) I love the organic un-evenness of the stamping, which I gained by using two different oranges and not cleaning off my scraper as I swapped back and forth between them. Color scheme prompted by #WhenColoursCollide FB group (black, orange, purple) so this is probably no longer on my nails since I’m actually getting it done early into the prompt period.

Monsters' Ball - Hermit Werds - happy orange monsters dancing the night away
Monsters’ Ball

The stamping plates are from Aliexpress and the etchings were kinda shallow, so I wouldn’t call it the best. I know there’s a Born Pretty BP-163 stamping plate that also has little monster sillhouettes like these two and it may have better etchings. I haven’t used mine yet and it’s life that you sometimes get a dud, so partial luck of the draw with better odds with some brands.

And here is the collage with all sorts of lovely black/orange/purple prettiness:

When Colours Collide collage - Hermit Werds - group collage for the facebook group
When Colours Collide collage – black/purple/orange

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