The Langoliers - Hermit Werds - past-eating Langoliers from Stephen King's story and movie chasing the plane
The Langoliers

The Langoliers

I binge on Stephen King for a while and and then not pick up a book by him for years. He’s such an amazing storyteller, but he does tend to kill a lot of his characters and I tend to like a different kind of world building. LOL (Someday, however, I do want to go back and re-read all his Dark Tower books and pick up on new things I missed the first go-round.) One of the stories that I remember the most is The Langoliers. It was a short story about people waking up mid-flight to find the plane’s other passengers and the pilots have disappeared. I believe one of the passengers was a pilot so he lands the plane. A young blind girl turns out to be psychic (yay!) and–while everyone is exploring the airport and finding that the food is tasteless and matches won’t light–she figures out that they have flown into the past. Unlike most time travel stories the past in this story can no longer exist once it’s, well, past. The Langoliers devour it and, if they don’t get out of the past and back into the present, they too will be devoured.

I was not the only person who really liked this story because someone optioned it from King and made a mini-series on tv with it. It’s…pretty terrible. I watched a good chunk of it as “research” for painting my nails for #nailsunitedoctchallenge’s Stephen King prompt. The special effects are painfully bad and the acting is worse. But I stole their version of depicting Langoliers and painted them on my nails. I’m sure we’ll mostly see Dark Tower and It nails since the movies are rich in imagery plus they just came out and are fresh on everyone’s mind, but Stephen King has a huge body of work to pull from and I’m exited to see what people come up with.

The Langoliers - Hermit Werds - past-eating Langoliers from Stephen King's story and movie chasing the plane
The Langoliers

In a cruel twist of fate, the plane stamping decal got smeared when I topcoated. In some ways, though, it made it fit in better with the free-handed stuff so…yay?

Thanks for visiting! And if you also enjoy Stephen King’s writing, please share some of your favorites in the comments. 🙂

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  1. Cujo is one of my favorites. The idea of being trapped in your car with no hope of rescue or escape is horrifying and fascinating.

    And I haven’t read the book yet, but I think Misery is possibly his best film adaption (primarily due to the talented Kathy Bates).

    • *shudder* You can paint the Cujo nails. As I recall, I refused to even read the book. Kathy Bates is amazing, but have you watched Gerald’s Game yet? Carla Gugino knocked it out of the park.

      I don’t think anyone would argue that The Langoliers were a best film adaptation. And if they did, we would know to quietly institutionalize them… ;D

  2. Yeah. We stumbled into “Gerald’s Game” in our quest for scary movies, quit it when we thought it would be based around the dog and they were going to kill it, and continued it after I read more about the novella. Overall, we enjoyed the movie. The ending felt a little slapped together (especially with the slower pace and tension in the rest of the film), but agreed, she was excellent!

    • Agree very much about the ending. But I haven’t read the story so I can’t say if the fault for it lies with it or their interpretation of it. It was intense though. I had the cat watch the part with the glass.

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