Saint Patrick's Snake - Hermit Werds - 30 Days of Colour Challenge
Saint Patrick's Snake

Saint Patrick’s Snake

The fact that the 30 Days of Colour’s prompt for this week is green and it’s also going to be Saint Patrick’s Day on Friday is probably not coincidental…

It’s a little weird that American’s celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day the way we do. I mean, Irish immigrants = St. Patrick’s Day and Chinese immigrants = Chinese New Year, I get that. But still…just looking at Wikipedia…he brought Christianity to Ireland, so I guess I get the green. He used the shamrock (a typically three-leafed plant) “to illustrate the Christian teaching of three persons in one God”. Really that only makes it hilarious that we all tend to use a four-leaf clover instead because it’s “lucky”. Then he supposedly banished all snakes from Ireland which is why there are none on the island. But the hat*? Meanwhile, Saint Patrick’s Day is believed to be the day he died, but what he died of I don’t know. That may be the inspiration for next year’s Saint Patty’s Day nail art because I am a horrible person. That or beer.

Speaking of beer, I did a search for “beer” on the Wikipedia page about Saint Patrick and there were zero results. That hurt my heart and I don’t even like beer. Maybe I should have done a search on whiskey.

Saint Patrick's Snake - Hermit Werds - 30 Days of Colour Challenge
Saint Patrick’s Snake

Items being used for the first time are in italics.

So, yeah. I used this as an excuse to use an Ejiubas nail plate I haven’t used before. Also the snake. I am most fond of the snake and I want to do more nail art with snakes. Snaaaakes. Color-wise this turned out fairly cohesive, but I think the bright green stuff on top do not work for me as well as I thought they would. Should have stamped with a holo. ;D

* Now that I think about it, what’s with people and tacking hats onto holidays. Like…there’s the weird top hat with a buckle thing for Saint Patricks. Easter bonnets. The red had with white trim for Santa Clause. Thanksgiving Day and July 4th both have top hats. Like…should we be starting a top hat tradition for every holiday? In a hundred years will Pancake Day be celebrated with a hat that looks like a stack of pancakes? Would everyone run around with a nursing bra on their head for Mother’s Day? I am down for this. We should start now. 😀

And here are the manicures from the group for this week:

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  1. I love all the rich colors on this, and the little clover and snake are a fun touch. 🙂 Hats and holidays… I mean, I don’t see people ever actually wearing the holiday hats, just decorating things with the images of festive hats. But maybe actually wearing the hats will come back into favor some day!

    • Thanks! Great point about how we decorate things with images of hats instead of wearing them. Now I want to be ironic and have a hat decorated with hats. I keep meaning to wear the hats I own more, but too many chairs and just driving in my car knock them askew. It’s the curse of being short. :p

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