Neon Jelly - Hermit Werds
Neon Jelly

Neon Jelly

I apologize for the bite marks. I have a bad habit of not taking my photos early enough and destroying my nail art pretty quickly.

This was originally going to be the background for my ‘J’ is for Jackalope nail art. Unfortunately, while I started with a white base to make the colors pop, I managed to forget a fundamental principle of coloring things (i.e. paint the light colors first because you can’t lighten a dark color with them). Ha ha ha. So my color range was severely limited on the gradients and after staring at them for several minutes and looking at the time, I decided to top coat them and go to bed. “I’ll finish it tomorrow”, I told myself.

I really like that lie. It gives me the gift of sleep.

It took me several more days before I felt motivated enough to finish my nail art and by then they were way too battered to be used so it was start from square one again. Still. It was a pretty manicure with enough variety for me to not get bored. So that was a win.

Neon Jelly - Hermit Werds
Neon Jelly – polishes used

Sinful Color’s Neon Collection 2015: “The Bright Thing”, “Rays of Bright”, “On the Strip”, “Vivid a Try”, “Bright to the Point”, “Bright B4 Ur Eyes”, “neOn and On”

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