Bead Dolphin - Hermit Werds - seed bead dolphin following Marilyne Kéréneur's pattern and adding in my own details
Bead Dolphin

Ocean/Water Beaded Animals

So…a week or so ago I finally realized what the strange traffic patterns that Google Analytics kept showing me meant: people trying to reach my old art gallery were getting redirected sideways into this post. These poor visitors from Pinterest wanted to see bead animals, not nail art. And my craft category was not doing it for them.

As someone who uses Pinterest, I hate the dead ends. I hate it when you want to find who made that art and how and you end up stuck in some weird loop and even Google Images just pulls up Pinterest again. Somewhere on the web this thing I wanted to know about died and Pinterest is just keeping its corpse warm and on display and it’s so frustrating. But at least we have a pin parlor to look back on things, so there’s that to be grateful for.

(Note: the Way Back Machine is also a gift that you can use with old URLs to recapture some of that dead info.)

Anyway, I set up a page to capture the errant traffic and let those visitors know that I am still here. This is the first in a series of blog posts looking back on ye ol’ art gallery. For the most part I will not be re-taking any photos unless someone requests it, so forgive the comparably poor quality. It’s kind of a dice throw anyway since I have better lighting equipment but still only use my cell phone to take the photos.

(And, yes, I did update the watermark on the photos.)

Most of my 3D bead animals came from Marilyne Kéréneur’s site (now only available on…look under “Animaux”), Anja Freese’s book Lovable Beaded Creatures or my own imagination using 11/0 seed beads and fine wire. Organized by pattern origin…

Marilyne Kéréneur (

The site is old (2013), in frames (yuck), in French (Oui!), and gone from the active web (😢) but the patterns are all available for free.

Variation on Marilyne Kéréneur's Dolphin - Hermit Werds - dolphin beaded by Lisa @HermitWerds w/addition of back fin and extra rows to make a curve
Marilyne Kéréneur’s Dolphin

This dolphin is the number one beaded animal people are looking for. I wanted to say I just added the back fin to Marilyne’s design and I started to put together a little graphic to show how I did it and then I realized I’d added a few more rows onto the back so the dolphin’s body would curve. So here is the full pattern, I guess.

Beaded Dolphin Pattern - Hermit Werds - Marilyne's dolphin pattern with my additions to the fin and back.
Beaded Dolphin Pattern
Marilyne Kéréneur's Crocodile - Hermit Werds - crocodile/alligator beaded by Lisa @HermitWerds
Marilyne Kéréneur’s Crocodile

Cute little crocodile/alligator, but I never used the loop on its tail to hang it from anything.

Anja Freese

Next Anja Freese’s book Lovable Beaded Creatures, which contains the patterns for the creatures below…

Anja Freese's Octopus - Hermit Werds - octopus beaded by Lisa @HermitWerds
Anja Freese’s Octopus

Always really hard to see the details on this one. I’ve since seen a beaded octopus that I liked much better, but it uses different sizes of beads and a weaving technique so it’s much more complex.

Anja Freese's Angelfish - Hermit Werds - angelfish beaded by Lisa @HermitWerds with hex beads
Anja Freese’s Angelfish

This angelfish is a favorite because it’s so shiny. I made it out of 12/0 hex seed beads instead of 11/0 beads.

Anja Freese's Killer Whale - Hermit Werds - killer whale/orca beaded by Lisa @HermitWerds
Anja Freese’s Killer Whale

Quite a handsome killer whale pattern.

Anja Freese's Seahorse - HermitWerds - seahorse beaded by Lisa @HermitWerds
Anja Freese’s Seahorse

Oddly enough, the only sea creature that I get no traffic for. I’ve seen cooler seahorse bead animal patterns, but those patterns are also much more complex. For simplicity and style, I think this patterns wins. So the fault must be with my photo or color choice.


Bead Crab - Hermit Werds - crab beaded by Lisa @HermitWerds using a pattern of unknown origin
Bead Crab

I love this little crab, but he was very hard to make and then I somehow lost him. If I ever get back into making bead animals, I will definitely be looking to design my own crab. Probably several of them.


Bead Octopus - Hermit Werds - octopus designed and beaded by Lisa @HermitWerds with a mix of hex and seed beads
Bead Octopus

I made this bead octopus along the lines of my many bead spiders (which will feature in a different post). It is surprisingly popular. As this was a gift, this photo is all we shall have.

Moving Forward

That’s everything in the ocean/water theme. More blog posts shall follow in the following groupings: birds, misc mammals, bugs/butterflies, fantasy/mythical, and my bead spiders. Meanwhile, in case you were curious about my nail art, here are four favorites that fit the same theme we visited today or you can just check out the ocean tag:

La-sea with a Chance of Sharks - Hermit Werds - nail art with elegant blue lace ocean with a great white shark stamped on top
La-sea with a Chance of Sharks
It's Raining Fish - Hermit Werds - surreal underwater leadlight landscape complete with a green girl under an umbrella
It’s Raining Fish
In a Paper Boat - Hermit Werds - Origami boats drifting along a sandy shore
In a Paper Boat
Tourist Season - Hermit Werds
Tourist Season

I also folded a whole bunch of origami sea life in 2017 and the instructions can also be found in the blog post:

#origamidaily2007 - Hermit Werds - Frog, Goldfish, Trout, Large Mouth Bass, Fan Tail Fish, Sea Horse
#origamidaily2007 – Frog, Goldfish, Trout, Large Mouth Bass, Fan Tail Fish, Sea Horse
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    • I am sorry, I do not. I encourage you to check out Marilyn’s site where there are instructions for many different animals. My dolphin is only a derivative of hers so you could always try following her pattern instead. 🙂

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