We’re Moving

But we’re not moving far. The blog can now be reached at hermitism.com instead of hermitism.com/blog/ If you read our last post you’ll know the links pointing back here will be fixed as quickly as possible and then these blog posts will be turned into permanent redirects. You should not have to update any links to us unless you want to except for any subscription or RSS feeds. That shouldn’t be too many people since last I checked Feedly only had two other subscribers and they are the biggest reader in America (where most of my audience is).

So sorry for the inconvenince. I didn’t think this blog would be all I wanted on my domain when I started having a web site again, but that’s how it ended up. WordPress is just so nicely flexible in all the ways I need. 🙂


Header photo by Erik Scheel. Long live snails!


Edit: There is a conflict with the images. I’m going to have to strip the posts here first, delete the photos, and then update links. My apologies.

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