About Lisa

Hi! I’m Lisa. You’re probably here for the nail art. I’ve loved nail polish for a long time, but it’s only in past few years that I started really getting into it. I posted my first real nail art online on July 27, 2014 and started this blog on June 23, 2016. Prior to that I was hauling around about 30 bottles of polish and just painting each nail a different color or kind of dabbing multiple colors on one nail. I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t some days, but I have a lot more than 30 bottles of polish to do it with. heh 🙂

Quick list of things about me:
I’m in my 30s, married, and own a black cat named Midnight. You may note I did not list my husband’s name. He is aware of where he ranks in the hierarchy. 😉

I love toys, steampunk, and the color rainbow. Right now I’m doing a lot of nail art challenges on Instagram and that’s driving the focus of my nail art with caveats like the prompt was sunset and I did a sunset in a post-apocalyptic world. I gotta be me. 🙂 After two crazy months of over 30 pieces of nail art each, I’m taking a step back to save my sanity. The nail art will continue, but I’d like to add some steampunk crafting and fashion as well. Mebbe break out my Monster High and My Little Pony friends sometimes.

I also really hope to get into videos on Youtube soon. Feel free to subscribe so you can be there when I start. 😉