Coffee Blues

Coffee Blues

Guys, I missed International Coffee Day. I am so sad. But I turned that sorrow into a calendar reminder for next year so as long as I don’t do the 31 Day Challenge again, I think we’re good. And I won’t. Because the 31 Day Challenge this year left me way too tired to do Inktober this month and I want to cross that off my bucket list. This also gives me a year to not just have my Instagram be nail art so people don’t freak when I post a drawing each day. LOL

But today I have my nail art from #WhenColoursCollide’s blue only prompt. I barely got my mani done in time. In fact, I was planning on skipping it because I was tired. But I found myself painting my right hand at 2 AM at night anyway. I just can’t let things go, can I? With no plan, I gazed at my supplies and decided to use things that I hadn’t tried before. So the whole reason why this has a henna background? I hadn’t used that plate yet. I had other choices for the end topic, but I had coffee on my mind and a KADs nail plate that still had its blue film. So…I did it? Kinda? Not my best work, but sometimes you just do what you can.

Coffee Blues - Hermit Werds - blue henna stamping with coffee stamping on top
Coffee Blues
Blue (only) collage - When Colours Collide
Blue (only) collage – When Colours Collide

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