Daily Zentangle - Week 6 - Hermit Werds - Lisa's sixth week of progress; background is Enyshou tangleation, Rain, and Kathy's Dilemma tangleation
Daily Zentangle - Week 6

One Zentangle a Day – Week 6

I thought I’d be talking about art supplies today, but the post was approaching 1.5K words and I hadn’t even started writing about the last week of drawings. And is it my last week? Because Krahula’s extra exercises leave plenty of room for more art-ing. I put together a list of the ones that interested me and then trimmed that list down to seven. So there will be Week 7 and here is what I think I will be working on during it:

  • Tangle on a light red, blue, and yellow ATC (Artist Trading Card)
  • Draw a landscape with tangles
  • Use sepia ink to tangle
  • Use white ink to tangle on a tile painted with watercolor
  • Use blocks of color to mark out your string and tangle
  • Color in your Zendalas from days 33, 34, and 35
  • Draw a shoe with tangles

Plus I’m going to try tangling on my nails. I may do more, but Week 7 will likely take me longer than a week anyway and it feels right to wrap up after that. I’ll have a pretty solid opinion on the book and I’ll be able to list all the art supplies I’ve used and what I wished I had. There will be color. So much color…

Week 6 Zentangles by Hermit Werds for Pinterest
Week 6 Zentangles by Hermit Werds for Pinterest

Tangle Pattern Reference

Meanwhile I have drawn samples of most of the tangles I’ve learned. They are all listed here. I will work to finish adding everything I’ve used so far and will continue to add tangles as I add them to my repertoire. At least you’ll know what I’m talking about when I mention them, right?

Day 36

Daily Zentangle - Day 36 - Hermit Werds -  Zentangle using Verdigogh tangleation, Zander, Beeline, Stickers, and Stickers tangleation
Daily Zentangle – Day 36

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find that there’s an official version of this kind of Verdigogh tangleation because a bunch of strands sweeping out from behind something just makes sense. I’m glad I thought of it because I was at a loss of what to draw next after I drew the other three tangles. I’d also like to note that I should have swapped to a finer-tipped pen when I drew the dandelion-fluff-like Stickers. I’ve also seen people draw it with just two lines crossing for all the little fluff points and wish I’d done that too.

  • Verdigogh tangleation
  • Zander
  • Beeline
  • Stickers
  • Stickers tangleation

Day 37

Daily Zentangle - Day 37 - Hermit Werds -  Zentangle using Aquafleur, Nekton, Yincut, and Warmth
Daily Zentangle – Day 37

I treated myself to a new tangle outside of the book: Aquafleur. I love its super organic shape and how it curls in on itself. And tangleations of it tend to be just as pretty if not even better. Meanwhile, Krahula added Warmth to the mix. It’s not as eye-catching, but it’s surprising how using a thicker line every now and then can make a pattern more interesting. She does encourage you to experiment with your tangles this way and I neglect it because I’m mostly using my budget- and hand-friendly fountain pen. I need more nib sizes.

  • Aquafleur
  • Nekton
  • Yincut
  • Warmth

Day 38

Daily Zentangle - Day 38 - Hermit Werds -  Zentangle using Bales variations with auras and Amaze
Daily Zentangle – Day 38

There was no real guidance on what to draw today from the book. Since I’d just finished researching Bales so I could draw my sample of it, I had its many variations on my mind and decided to draw them. I started with a loopy string that decreased in size and then filled each different section with a more complex form of Bales. While it was interesting to draw, the end result feels a little dull. I am thinking I will color in this tile as my “Use blocks of color to mark out your string and tangle” extra exercise and see if that doesn’t make this one more exciting to view.

  • Bales variations with auras
  • Amaze

Day 39

Daily Zentangle - Day 39 - Hermit Werds -  Zentangle using sashiko pattern, Pepper tangleation, and Printemps tangleation
Daily Zentangle – Day 39

I mixed my days up and threw in a non-tangle pattern from Japanese culture. In brief, Sashiko embroidery was used by the poor to reinforce material in an attractive manner so it would last longer. I’ve seen similar tutorials for patching jeans where you add material behind a section that is wearing down and then sew over it a bunch of times. It’s like that, but with some very lovely patterns sometimes and a lot more cultural history. Sadly, I’m having a hard time tracking down names for some of these patterns and I don’t know the one for this one…yet.

I used the acrylic marker to draw over the black inked in area and hated how it looked immediately. My paper is slightly yellow and the marker’s paint is a cool white, so it visibly clashed. Luckily I had a stick of slightly yellow school board chalk on hand. I scribbled over the area with it and dusted off the excess which left me with a mix of cool and warm whites. Good enough!

  • Sashiko pattern
  • Pepper tangleation
  • Printemps tangleation

Day 40

Daily Zentangle - Day 40 - Hermit Werds -  Zentangle using Emingle tangleation, Purk, perfs, Meer, and Pip-in
Daily Zentangle – Day 40

It feels like my tangles were getting boring for a while, but things started picking up again on Day 40. I really like the idea of using tangle patterns with calligraphy. It’s almost a shame that my husband and I dislike using meaningful words to decorate our home because even “Butts” would look fantastic all tangled up. 🤣

Small children. Small children occasionally live in my home… 😱

I decided to go with ‘A’ because it was the start of the alphabet and then taught myself a new ribbon-like tangle called Pip-in that’s not from the book. I do love the ribbon-y tangles so much. The trick to these is to tape two pencils together to draw your string (with extra filler if you want a wider strip). This creates a lovely ribbon shape to fill.

I will admit that it still took me several tries to get a string I liked. I was never very good at calligraphy, but, once upon a time, I Bought the Stuff! So I used an old dip pen with my bottle of Noodler’s The Blue-nose Bear for the background tangle. I picked it up at a Savers of all places and I think it got donated for a reason. While it’s a lovely shade of blue, I would not recommend getting this one because I doubt it’s archival in the slightest.

  • Emingle tangleation
  • Purk
  • perfs
  • Meer
  • Pip-in

Day 41

Daily Zentangle - Day 41 - Hermit Werds -  Zentangle using traditional sashiko patterns like Yabane (double arrow) and Hanabishi
Daily Zentangle – Day 41

Here’s the day I was supposed to use culturally-based patterns to make up a tile! This is full-on Sashiko, although the big black area with the circles was my initial attempt to draw one of Krahula’s grain-like country-ish patterns.

I failed so hard at it. So I drew in a bunch of circles, filled in everything else with black and added “stitching” inside of the circles. Amusingly enough, I think the tile turned out better because of it since it added most of the contrast the tile has. Only two of the patterns I used have names I could track down…

  • Yabane (double arrow)
  • Hanabishi
  • other misc Sashiko patterns

Day 42

Daily Zentangle - Day 42 - Hermit Werds - Zentangle using Striping tangleated with perfs, Enyshou tangleation, Tipple, and Squid tangleation
Daily Zentangle – Day 42

I could not resist using Squid on my final day. This time I flattened out the tentacles a lot to make it more like a flower. I suppose that means next time I should do the opposite and make it more tentacle-y. I just can’t seem to go wrong with this pattern. I filled in the rest dark to light. Or light to dark if you’re looking at Squid as the center of it all.

  • Striping tangleated with perfs
  • Enyshou tangleation
  • Tipple
  • Squid tangleation

I’m Tired

This book is a lot of work even without all the extra exercises and the extra work blogging about something creates. And it doesn’t help that I sometimes hare off after an idea like making a template for myself with a cool circle shape in the middle and Corners!, but the way I’d want it to be. I’m not ready to draw in that yet and it took that day’s creative play time to make it (because I made multiple versions of the corner design and, well, there will be Options when I do use it). I have been a busy bee. But I’m taking a more relaxed approach with the last seven “days” I’ve assigned myself. And there will be color! So even though I’m tired and little sick because food poisoning, I’m excited for Week 7.

And I also have that 1.5k of words already written. LOL

Don’t forget to check out the tangle pattern page if you were wondering which patterns were what all this time! Until next time, friends. 😘

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