Can't Hug Every Cat - Hermit Werds - chevrons and kitties playing instruments to the song Can't Hug Every Cat
Can't Hug Every Cat

Can’t Hug Every Cat

I was going to do a different song for #31DC2017 Inspired by a Song, but with my cat’s brief disappearance this month, I am a little obsessed with cats right now. Plus, I’ve loved this song ever since one of my co-workers added it to our group playlist. Can’t Hug Every Cat was made by the Gregory Brothers using the Songify app and a young woman’s first eHarmony video. The video features a cat “band” and parts of the eHarmony video. It is pure adorable.

I will warn you now, you will not be able to unhear it, which may or may not be a good thing for you:

This also covers #NailCraziesUnite’s Chevron prompt. It’s challenges like these that remind me how few stamping plates with basic patterns I have. Every time I buy them I seem to forget how important these things are. Maybe one day I will learn. LOL

Can't Hug Every Cat - Hermit Werds - chevrons and kitties playing instruments to the song Can't Hug Every Cat
Can’t Hug Every Cat

More nail art Inspired by a Song for #31DC2017:

When it comes to some brands, I’m trying to stick with the rule of use everything you’ve bought before you can buy more from that brand. So I am happy to say that this marks the day I finally used all four of the stamping polish set I purchased from B. Loves Plates clear back in February. Don’t get me wrong, I was really excited about them when I bought them, but somehow the need for those particular colors and finishes didn’t pop up. Unlike Mundo de Unas, they can be used as both a normal nail polish and a stamping polish. I would not say they are perfect. They do not work with shallow etchings and dry quickly so you have to move fast, but the shimmer is stunning and the red and green are really opaque. B. a Blueberry Muffin is my favorite but is the least opaque of the set (it needs a deep etching or what is underneath will show through). I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely buy from B. Loves Plates again (probably stamping plates, though, since she does not offer polishes often). 🙂

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  1. I wasn’t familiar with Debbie, the eHarmony Crazy Cat Lady video and memes, but it’s pretty funny. And the song is kinda catchy! So I looked her up, and there is a pretty cool interview with her. (Spoiler alert: The Crazy Cat Lady is actually a dog lover. Hee-hee.)

    P.S. Love the cat band nail art.

    • I had no idea there was an interview with her! I’m not surprised that she was made up. Such a cute prank video. Thanks for sharing and liking my version of the cat band. 😀

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