Metallic - Hermit Werds


I really wanted to have super pretty nails while I was at the steampunk convention. However, since we weren’t going straight to the con, I knew my nails would be battered and unpretty before I got there. The original plan was to buy press-on nails and see how well they held up. If they worked well, I would do steampunk nail art on them and stick them on my nails the first morning of the con. I ran out of time. Didn’t even test the press-ons, let alone make a steampunk set. I still want to explore this as a way of getting what I want while on vacation, but right now my focus is elsewhere.

Also, I have yet to go to a con where anyone there has remarked on my nail art. So it’s definitely a just for my personal satisfaction thing and not too high on my priority list. Less thematic and time-consuming nails will still make me happy at convention, which is why I just brought black and my favorite ILNP polish on vacation with me. Mmmmmm…

Cathy at More Nail Polish set up an inLinkz so here are some of 2016’s challenge participants:

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