Green Giraffe - Hermit Werds - holographic green mani with a giraffe and green giraffe animal print
Green Giraffe

Green Giraffe

This prompt brought to you by my need to use alliteration. Oh, and the prompt Animal Print in the Wrong Colors for #26GreatNailArtIdeas (and also the Nail Challenge Collaborative’s similar month-long theme), the letter ‘G’, and the color green. Obviously.

No, seriously, I was going to do a pink tiger mani (what is with me and pink lately?), but then I was all: No! Alliteration is needed to make this awesome. So it was this or Orange Ocelot and since I would have had to freehand ocelot fur patterns I…picked giraffe…

It is possible this description of my motivations and reasoning is not as flattering as I could hope. I rely on you, dear reader, to think better of me than I am in this moment. Also giraffes are cute.

I kind of wish I’d gone with the ocelot, because my color contrast was off and I painted my nails three times to get things where they are. I was going to use my nail fails as examples of how to combine colors because I took photos of the other two tries and then my computer ate the files. So my suffering was completely in vain. I will never again pick a giraffe over a cat. Or at least not a green giraffe. Curse you forever, unnatural creatures! :p

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