Green Coffee - Hermit Werds - holographic green coffee nail art with coffee berry bush
Green Coffee

Green Coffee + a year’s worth of coffee nails

Happy International Coffee Day! Or…belated America’s National Coffee Day… (Seriously, America, pick up your skirts and shuffle over a few days so we can all be together.) I thought I’d celebrate by making sure the end of my “year” of coffee nail art fell on this day so there’s been a bit of a gap between this and the last coffee nails.

And it also had to be green. Because I wanted to share a little information I learned about green coffee (the beans, not the extract or any weight-loss stuff). Y’see, coffee actually grows as a berry that is apparently quite tasty. It’s not a bean; it’s a seed. And in its green, unprocessed form it has an amazing shelf life. As in years. Meanwhile, the roasted stuff passes peak tastiness in less than a day and really begins to degrade after six weeks. 😭

Not only that, but the darker your roast, the less caffeine it has in it. Noooo! 😱

So if you ever want the best of all coffee, get it raw, roast it yourself, and drink it right away (or find a coffee shop that does). Check out this great video about green coffee. It explains everything I’ve said more eloquently, although he is trying to sell his roaster a bit.

Want to learn more about coffee? The World of Caffeine is a fabulous book that I have actually read and enjoyed. It made me want to try butter in my coffee, but you’re supposed to use nicer butter so I’ve been lazy.

Now I feel like I need another cup of my ancient, degraded brown water. Just for the ambience. 😉

Green Coffee - Hermit Werds - holographic green coffee nail art with coffee berry bush
Green Coffee

This really was the perfect stamping plate for today’s design since it has the coffee plant on it. And I don’t know about you, but I hope I get to taste an actual coffee berry before I die. Hey, we all get to make our own goals. 😉

Also, do they come covered in chocolate? Because the seeds alone are divine with chocolate… *crunchcrunch* *vibrate*

Green Coffee - Hermit Werds - holographic green coffee nail art with coffee berry bush
Green Coffee

I tried painting this several weeks ago, but couldn’t bring myself to finish it because my nails were shorter than I wanted. I think the extra mm or so really helped to add to the look. Gotta have room for those baby boomer french tips, amiright? 😉

Green Coffee - Hermit Werds - holographic green coffee nail art with coffee berry bush
Green Coffee

Check out the rest of the “year”

Around a year ago, I noticed that coffee nail art was generally really brown. While coffee itself is brown and I have no problem with that (or any desire to dye my coffee), I thought that was very limiting. And since my favorite color is rainbow, I decided to make the nail art I wasn’t seeing. So here is my rainbow(-ish) collection of coffee nail art.

Delicately Coffee - Hermit Werds - Nail Crazies Unite (Delicate Pattern)
Delicately Coffee
Creatures of the Night - Hermit Werds - vampires drinking blood coffee and staying up all the hours of the night
Creatures of the Night
Pumpkin Spice Latte - Hermit Werds - rich orange-y colors stamped with coffee images and a pumpkin
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Peppermint Coffees - Hermit Werds - peppermint coffee theme with two freehand painted white reindeer wearing red scarves
Peppermint Coffees
Coffee Cats - Hermit Werds - watercolor nail art of little cats in coffee mugs and a rodent sipping a cup of coffee
Coffee Cats
Coffee Is Love - Hermit Werds - funny pink-themed nail art focused on loving coffee
Coffee Is Love
Black Coffee - Hermit Werds - coffee themed black jelly nails covered with black stamping and masked off areas filled with black
Black Coffee
Coffee Blues 2.0 (matte) - Hermit Werds - blue monochrome coffee-themed nail art
Coffee Blues 2.0 – matte
Lavender Coffee - Hermit Werds - nail art with freehand painted lavender to celebrate lavender-flavored coffee
Lavender Coffee
The Fanciest of Coffees (glossy) - Hermit Werds - white lace stamping on a translucent white background with steaming coffee cups on top
The Fanciest of Coffees (glossy)
Iced Coffee - Hermit Werds - coral and white gold nail art with iced coffee stamping
Iced Coffee

Should I continue?

I probably will, though I will likely relax the once a month thing. What floors me is that I still have one more stamping plate dedicated to coffee that I haven’t used yet. How can this be? LOL

Or perhaps it should be more amazing that I don’t own all the coffee-only stamping plates. Hmmm…

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