Pegasus - Hermit Werds - lead light painted Pegasus with a castle in the sky


Since I’d already painted a Phoenix and a unicorn this month I decided to tackle a different Mythical Creature for this month’s #NailsWithIgFriends hosted by Christine (@shortywhatwhat). I ran through a few classics, but I’ve already done dragons a few times as well. So I thought I would tackle Pegasus and maybe on my own I’ll paint more fearsome creatures like Medusa herself or at least finish the other half of my post-apocalypse nails in December.

So it was Pegasus and I decided to try the watercolor sharpie technique and what better way to learn something new than to paint my nails with a reusable gel base so I can try out several different designs on them. I think I will at least do one more with the watercolor, maybe two. We’ll just have to see how quickly I post them because I’m trying to keep from posting more than one nail art in a day.

Pegasus - Hermit Werds - lead light painted Pegasus with a castle in the sky

Technique-wise I stamped the images onto my nails and top coated. Then I just used the same brush I use to clean my cuticles, dipped it in the alcohol, and washed out the sharpie I’d scribbled directly on my nails. I did experience some accidental flooding that turned my cuticles light blue for a bit. I may try scribbling the ink on a plastic lid and transfer it onto my nails from there next time. See if it helps keep things neater. Here’s a quick look of what things looked like before I started the water coloring process.

Pegasus - Hermit Werds - outlines of Pegasus with a castle in the sky.
Pegasus – outlines

Very fun technique. I’m still rather annoyed that the lines for the head (originally a unicorn’s head, but I removed the horn) are so much thinner than the wings. I should have tried to compensate for that with my choice in stamper. The clear stampers usually pick up a thinner line…

Anwyay, check out all the beautiful manis the ladies turned in for Mythical Creatures. So much awesome nail art! 😀

#NailsWithIgFriends - November collage
#NailsWithIgFriends – November collage

I’m also super thrilled to announce that I will hosting #NailsWithIGFriends for December. Thanks, Christine! This is my first time hosting a challenge so I’m super excited and I hope everyone has a lovely time. The theme is Time Period and whether or not you want to include a Christmas-y element is up to you! Anyone who would like to participate can join in, just DM me (@hermitwerds) a 1:1 square image of your entry on Instagram no later than December 26th 11:59 MT.

#NailsWithIgFriends - December prompt
#NailsWithIgFriends – December prompt
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