Candy Land Candies - Hermit Werd - holographic candy decals on a black gel base
Candy Land Candies

One Black Base – Four Looks

I bought two gel “colors” and since we’ve already done a bunch of white nail art, I thought it was time to do some nail art on a black reusable base. Sadly, these aren’t very thematic since we’re at the end of the month and I’m just scrambling to finish all my nail art challenges. Next month will be simpler in some ways…

Frozen Treats - Hermit Werds - ice cream made with frozen nitrogen
Frozen Treats

#GlamNailsChallengeAug – Back to School
#StampingMasterAugust – Ice Cream

So with a prompt like back to school it feels like most people focus on more elementary school things like crayons and apples for teachers. I have seriously been loving some of the colorful looks I’ve seen for it. But. The last school I went to was college so I wanted to focus on something that was closer to my heart. Like the ice cream my student teachers from my beginning science class made for us with liquid nitrogen on the last day of school. Yeah, I’m all about food and it was good ice cream. I’d have to go a SubZero go get that kind of ice cream again. 🙂

Year of the Rooster 2 - Hermit Werds - year of the rooster zodiac nails with little chicken tracks
Year of the Rooster 2

#beautometry – Zodiac

I thought about doing a Western zodiac-themed set of nails, but I really want to make a full set of all the signs and have them match in style. I didn’t want to have two of one sign in a different style so I decided to stick with Eastern for now. Besides, it’s going to be the Year of the Rooster allll year, baby. And I think chickens are adorable. So you can probably expect at least one more on this theme before the year is out. (Product listing is for the second mani only.)

Candy Land Candies - Hermit Werd - holographic candy decals on a black gel base
Candy Land Candies
Candy Land Candies - Hermit Werd - holographic candy decals on a black gel base
Candy Land Candies

#beautometry – Candy Land

I really wanted to do a thorough actual land of candy nail art for this prompt, but I am in a time crunch. So I dug out Harunouta’s L038 stamping plate which is full of candy goodness and went to work. Then I took my photos. And…I just wasn’t liking it. So I did it again. And then I looked back and thought maybe I’d been too quick to judge on the first mani? I don’t know… Either way, I’m also hoping to do a whole series of Candy Land nail art in the future, but this was still a fun manicure until then. 🙂

Football Nation - Hermit Werds - football stadium and halftime show rockstars
Football Nation

#beautometry – Football Nation

Uff. Not a sports fan and also feel a little bad that the stadium stamping image I used was for soccer, not football. But, the prompt is what it is. So I included a little football and a little of what I’d watch: the halftime show. 😀

One Black Base - Four Looks - Hermit Werds - Four manicures on a black gel base
One Black Base – Four Looks

That’s it! Four manicures on a reusable black gel base. The gel is holding up pretty well so I think I’ll get a few more manicures out of it.

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  1. I think I like the bad ass rooster the best. For some reason, I want him to have a mic and be part of your halftime show. 😀

    • The rooster is my favorite too. I would pay to see that show. Just like on America’s Got Talent with the lady whose chickens could play the piano or the movie Rock-a-Doodle. ;D

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