Decopunk Pink - Hermit Werds - 26 Great Nail Art Ideas (pink, lilac + gold)
Decopunk Pink

Decopunk Pink

Steampunk has been around long enough that people are already branching out to include eras outside of the Victorian age. One of those time periods is the 20s during the art deco movement. I looove Art Deco art. Conveniently, Moyou London has already acknowledged this and many other steampunk branches on their nail stamping plates. (Inconveniently, I failed to take a photo so the text is readable. It says “Decopunk” on my thumb.) 26 Great Nail Art Ideas had a pink, lilac + gold theme coming up and I thought that fit wonderfully with Art Deco. So here we are! 🙂

Decopunk Pink - Hermit Werds - 26 Great Nail Art Ideas (pink, lilac + gold)
Decopunk Pink

I really wanted to re-do my thumb, but I have a lot going on right now so I just didn’t have time for a re-do. I wish I’d made the time though because the pictures I took of this were also inadequate. Well, that’s life sometimes. You do what you can. 🙂

  • Base Polishes:
    Sally Hansen’s Insta-shine “Lively Lilac”, Sinful Color’s Kylie Jenner “Kitty Pink”,
  • Stamping Polishes:
    Essie’s “Good as Gold”
  • Advanced Stamping Polishes:
    Revlon’s “RoseZING”
  • Stamping Plates:
    knockoff of Moyou London Back to the 20s 01 (pointer and pinkie fingers), Moyou London Steampunk Collection 01 (clock hand), 02 (clock) and 04 (art deco)

More lovely pink, lilac + gold combinations:

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  1. Beautiful mani! I’ve always thought the steampunk movement was fascinating and beautiful, but I’ve never really done a lot of artwork or research about it as a whole. I remember seeing those plates on the MoYou London site and thinking, “huh, guess there are different types of steampunk” but never really looking in to in further. So I love seeing your work showcasing the “decopunk” branch!

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