Origami from April - Hermit Werds - Lily and Leaf
Lily and Leaf

#origamidaily2007 – End of April

So I decided to fold these origami groupings once a month or so instead of trying to get it all done at once. I have enough to last until the end of the year. I definitely fell behind in my intentions, but no one called me on so I guess we’re good. I folded these on the 30th, but taking photos of everything caused delays in getting them posted. I’m making progress on figuring out what the Shotbox can and can’t do for me so that’s cheering. I keep feeling like I’m doing it wrong though. Maybe I am. 🙂

Origami from April - Hermit Werds - Catamaran Flower, Iris, Bell Flower, Vase, Tulip
Catamaran Flower, Iris, Bell Flower, Vase, Tulip

To illustrate my point: I started by taking photos of everything standing up and all in one group. Then I realized that I had misplaced a figure when I had them laying out flat and I still didn’t have enough space to fit everything in unless I wanted the sides to show. (I didn’t.) So then I had to accept that the Catamaran Flower was awkwardly big and I should have made it smaller. I made it smaller. Then I realized that photographing everything in one big group was a rule I had made and didn’t need to follow. So now we have more photos that are…nicer? both from above and from the side. Yay! And now I will review the diagrams:

Origami from April - Hermit Werds - April Origami Instructions
April Origami Instructions

Iris – pretty and easier to fold than the Lily, but I like the Lily better
Lily – the favorite child, also more demanding
Catamaran Flower – soundly meh on this one because I had to tape it on the back to make it work
Tulip (and stem) – gorgeous, would happily use again to make a spring scene, very hard to “blow up” without ripping the paper and has a tendency to tip over
Flower Vase – pretty, simple to make, would work well with some filler to keep it from tipping over
Bell Flower – multiple brain farts on how to get it tucked in on itself but once done worked well, suspect this would look amazing in smaller sizes with texture-y paper and stamen
Leaf – became confused by the last two steps so finished it carelessly, love the shape and would happily use this for other projects

In contrast with having to do all the diagrams I am much happier with the origami I folded and would actually use some of these diagrams again if the situation called for it. Not the Catamaran Flower though. I have voted it off the island. Booooo

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