#OrigamiDaily2007 - January's Origami
#OrigamiDaily2007 - January's Origami

#origamidaily2007 – End of January & organizing WordPress categories/tags

Well, that’s it. A whole month finished of an origami daily calendar…from 2007. I started off trying to fold the origami the same day that I was posting but that led to missing a few days because I was too tired when I got home. It’s a heck of a lot easier to post your photo on time when all you have to do is lay horizontally on your bed and mess about with your phone. It also means not having to worry about clearing a spot on my desk to fold and photograph every day. Maybe my desk would have been cleaner this month if I had, but…I don’t really care enough about having a clean desk or it would already be clean. (It’s not.)

Am I missing the point of a daily calendar by doing this? Uhhh… You cannot see my expression, but I can tell you it is on the face of someone who hauled a daily calendar around for ten years through about seven different moves and did not fold a single page from it. Not. One. Take what you can get.

I’m also not sure I should be doing this the whole year anyway. Now that I’ve started using Instagram I feel like the origami posts (two a day) will drown out my nail art (two to three a week). The nail art will keep going after 2017. The origami will not. So far people interested in nail art are the ones who are starting to follow me, but I could still be losing out on people who would follow me for the nail art, but don’t want to see the origami. I’m giving it another month and then I’ll reassess. Since I am doing the origami in big groups, I will at least combine the finished piece with the full diagram and reduce the origami footprint to one post a day.

Things will sort themselves out at some point. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for any reason.

Unless it will lead to my eventual murder. Hard pass.

WordPress categories/tags
Meanwhile I have been looking at how I’m handling WordPress’ categories and tags. I knew when I started this blog that I wanted to jump in and figure things out when I had a bigger body of work to consider. I started with looking at what other bloggers are doing and, to my surprise, found some of them are only using one or the other for their blog. It probably makes posting easier, but what I want is to have more interlinking between blog entries, not less. Since every category and every tag is basically a link list to related blog posts I want to use them more, not less. (Crawl my blog entries, search engine bot slaves!) Then I saw that Crumpet, while not using WordPress, had a Blogger label for each nail polish and nail plate she used.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I wanted to create a tool to track my polishes/stamping plates so I could link to every single manicure that used each one. I hadn’t wanted to use the tagging system initially because that would lead to an absolutely disgusting number of tags in the end. However, it is a system that is already in place and WordPress will highlight the most used tags visually so I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. I decided categories would be my broad subject containers of my most used themes and challenges. My plan until a few minutes ago was to include holidays as well. However. Themes like Easter and Valentines Day are not something I’m all that interested in. So I’ll be moving some of them back into tags because there won’t be enough of them to justify a category but they are still useful groupings.

Woo! I’m excited to be able to see the statistics of the polishes and brands I use most, but it’s going to be a while before I finish re-tagging, categorizing, and linking up everything. Please be patient with me until the dust settles. 🙂

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