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Polka Dots

Polka Dot

Like many other challenge participants, I’ve chosen to interpret “polka dot” as more “dotticure”. I had a handful of I <3 Nail Art pens that I hadn't given a serious try and this seemed like a good time to give them a go. My conclusion? Unless you're really good with art pens already, the tip is a bit too thick to have much control over line width. Plus if you want to have the same mani on both hands you're going to have to make decals unless you're ambidextrous. So they are best/easiest to use with dotticures. And if your pen is having any problems like the blue and orange one did for me, those dots will end up drying in such a way so that there is no color in the center. Finally, the blue one was clogged and while trying to unclog it (unsuccessfully), I got quite a bit of the stuff on my fingers. I wiped it off pretty quick, but it still stained. A lot. I'm keeping the white, grey, and black pens, but I chucked the color ones after this. Not worth it for me.

  • Base color: Sinful Color’s Kylie “Slay Grey”, Cherry Tree’s silver glitter
  • I <3 Nail Art pens: white, orange, blue? – I’ve already chucked it and used Zoya’s “Robyn” and a nail dotting tool instead…
Polka Dots - 31 Day Challenge - Hermit Werds
Polka Dots

Cathy at More Nail Polish set up an inLinkz so here are some of 2016’s challenge participants:

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