Steampunk Rainbow - 31 Day Challenge (rainbow) - Hermit Werds
Steampunk Rainbow

Steampunk Rainbow

Rainbow is my favorite color so deciding what I was going to do for this manicure was hard. However, I’d recently seen Cassie P do a nail art tutorial with Foil Flower Stamping. I went straight to ebay to buy myself some gradient nail foil. So yummy.

It was both easier and harder to do than I thought it would be. I first tried sticking the nail foil down with Born Pretty’s black stamping polish. It wouldn’t stick and it smeared everywhere. Next I tried nail foil glue. It wouldn’t stick either. Finally, I used the same polish I’d used as my base coat and found that, if I moved fast, it worked. So these nails aren’t perfect by a long shot, but I’ll definitely do better next time. Plus, for the level of fancy it looks, I feel like this is a very portable manicure to pull off on vacation. You’d need top and base coat, a plastic bag, a stamper, stamping plate, and scraper, the nail foil, a black polish, acetone and clean-up brush. To me, that’s fairly reasonable, though not as simple as my two-polish manicure from my recent vacation.

  • Base & Stamping polish: Cherry Tree’s black
  • Rainbow metallic nail foil from ebay
  • Stamping Plate: Born Pretty’s BP-L004

The gears came out the best on my thumb:

Steampunk Rainbow - 31 Day Challenge (rainbow) - Hermit Werds
Steampunk Rainbow

Cathy at More Nail Polish set up an inLinkz so here are some of 2016’s challenge participants:

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