Peacock Rainbow v 2 - Hermit Werds
Peacock Rainbow v 2

Peacock Rainbow Part 2

So I’m late posting this. My apologies. I’ve had a couple of days where I was dead exhausted and posting was not as high on my list as sitting upright on the couch and falling asleep like a small child. Dignity. I have it occasionally. Not this week.

But I did manage to follow through with stamping some Born Pretty Black with the WP23 nail plate over the glitter gradient. So yummy color-wise but such a thick layer of nail polish on my nails. I resisted biting it off for a little over 24 hours and then I ripped it off. I was an idiot for not using a peel off base because I could have removed it intact and kept them like a sad hoarder of shiny things. I am normally happy with a photo, but these were so…rainbow.

And rainbow is my favorite color.

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